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Thanks to your love and support

Thanks to your love and support, we started Inventurous earlier this year as a way to reduce plastic waste in our community in creative ways.


Because of you, our generous members and some fundraising we have purchased a magnificent 3D printer called the FLSUN 400 that prints up to 16 in. using recycled PETG filament.


We got our first grant from the Redwood City Public Art Commission to do a workshop at Art on the Square. You can check this out on our instagram page.


We have formed a Youth Council run by the newly elected President Kaavya Tatavarty who attends Gunn High School and sometimes rides her bike over to help render projects for the 3D printer! 


We are working on lots of products, public art and prototyping including some 3D printed clocks, coffee tables, a pill organizer to make from shredded pill vials, and most excitingly a handmade designer tote bag made from New York Times plastic delivery bags. Some of these will be presented in the next newsletter...


Things we would like you to collect:

  • NY Times plastic sleeves from their home delivery service (Thanks Cathy and Dani!)

  • Orange pill vials (thanks Sheila!)

  • Any blue rigid plastic (think, shampoo bottles)

  • Used (working) Clocks, we will harvest their mechanisms (wahaaha!)



How to support us


Please follow us on Instagram @inventurous and @ inventurous_youth to keep up to date.


Join us at one of our events, we will let you know in our , so please subscribe!


If you aren’t already, please become a member!

Members get access to machinery, workshops, early product launches and events.  


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