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Inventurous identifies plastic waste streams in local communities that can be utilized as a resource to upcycle into high value products. We take this plastic and with community involvement sort it, shred it, then place it in our 3D printers to create objects such as furniture, sculpture and other objects that our community needs, such as shade structures and school projects.


We partner with municipalities to pool resources such as workspace to perform these tasks. We partner with industry to identify post-industrial waste streams we can resource. We partner with commercial enterprises to have a market for our products and services.

3d students_BW.png

We are building a repeatable model that we will open source so that other communities can emulate our system, thereby having a global impact.

The Future, Our Stance – No Green Washing

We agree with the Greenpeace directive that single use plastic should be eliminated and we need our packaging to move towards reuse and refilled or biodegradeable. We hope for a future where our business is redundant and we no longer have the materials to make creative projects from plastic. At that point we can pivot towards other more sustainable materials to create art and objects for our communities.

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