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Parallel Lines


Our goal is to remove 10% of post-consumer plastic from the waste stream and continually utilize this resource in a circular economy model. Our large-scale 3D printer will produce objects both useful and delightful. This is a pilot program for a global/local initiative.

shredplastic copy.png
vase_endproduct copy.png

We take plastic, shred it, and make it into creative and useful objects

We are currently raising money to buy a large scale 3D printer that will print objects 4ft x 4ft

We are also raising funds to employ an education officer who can run our after school program.

We are looking for volunteers in many capacities. Kids who want to learn the technology and creative strategies, adults of all ages to help manage our plastic stream and various other hands on jobs.

Providing a local solution to creatively upcycle plastic.

Reframing waste materials as a valuable

resource to be utilized creatively in a community.

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